New shows stepping it up


The Night Shift’s 1st episode wasn’t bad. I liked the first episode and the cast seems pretty good. Some people you might know on the cast are Eoin Macken. He plays TC on The Night Shift and was previously on a show called Merlin as a knight. (I love Merlin and it is on Netflix, give it a try). Daniella Alonso who plays Dr. Landry. She previously played on One Tree Hill as Anna and on Revolution as Nora. Brendan Fehr who played  Jake on Samurai Girl and also James on Cutting Edge : Fire and Ice.
The Night Shift is a lot like Grey’s Anatomy because it takes place at a hospital and you can’t really change medical terms or procedures. A lot of things are the same, but the big difference is the night shift has previous soldiers working for it. It brings a new feel to a medical show by showing how the soldiers cope with life now. I don’t think it is as dramatic as grey’s as far as the people go, but to me I think that is a great thing. To much of one thing is not good and I think having another hospital show but with a twist is great for audiences. Overall, I think The Night Shift did a good job on the 1st episode and I will be one of those watching next week. It is only the first episode but I can’t wait for what this season will bring. I can see big things happening for this show.
On the subject of doctors, a former doctor from Grey’s Anatomy named Mark Sloan was played by Eric Dane. He is going to be performing on a new show called The Last Ship. This show is about how a health epidemic has taken over the world and the soldiers on this ship have to stand together to fix it. This show is something new and different for TV screens. I am definitely excited to see this show and who wouldn’t want to see Eric Dane? I personally love him as an actor and I think this show will be great success. It premieres June 22 on TNT if interested, but you definitely need to check out the trailer. As always, the show must go on.



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