State of Affairs


Many of you know Katherine Heigl from Greys Anatomy and many other movies. Others may know Alfre Woodard who is also a well known actress that has played in Beauty Shop, A Family That Preys and many others. Both of these women are going to be on a new show called State of Affairs. I watched the trailer and it looks amazing. These two women are bonded by a man in this show. Katherine Heigl’s character was in a relationship with Alfre Woodard character’s son, who is the man that bonded them. He was murdered in front of them and they both are still getting over it. This show has the white house as a setting and it has action, murder, and terrorist. It is an exciting mix for a show. It reminds me of Scandal because they both have a woman as the main character and these women are very independent and strong willed. Both of these shows deal with the white house which is another reason it reminds me of Scandal. I think this show will be very interesting to see I personally can’t wait for it. It premieres this fall on NBC. I think everyone should check out the trailer below.


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