Friday Night Lights



This show was great. I really didn’t expect to like it that much. It has made the list of best shows I’ve seen from start to finish. The last and the first episodes are two important things for every show. It marks the beginning and the end of the journey that a show and cast has gone through. This show did a great job with that. I never really ever thought about watching this show before this summer. The only reason I did watch it was because it kept coming up as a suggestion from Netflix. This show had me since the first episode and I couldn’t stop watching all 5 seasons. I love football which is the main component of the show. The drama and people are all centered around this school and this game. It also does a great job with not always being about football which is hard to do. I enjoyed that cast, games, and the story line. A lot of the cast members I have seen on other shows and didn’t realize they previously played on Friday Night Lights. Connie Britton, who plays Tami Taylor, is currently on the show Nashville. Aimee Teegarden ,who plays Julie Taylor, I have seen in the movie Prom. Minka Kelly, who plays Lyla Garrity, played on the movie The Roommate. Gaius Charles, who plays Smash, played on the recent season of Greys Anatomy. Scott Porter, who plays Jason Street, is currently on a show called Hart of Dixie. Michael B. Jordan, who plays Vince Howard, I have seen in various things like That Awkward Moment, Chronicle, and others. Jurnee Smollett, who plays Jess Merriweather, has played on Temptation. Cress Williams, who plays Ornette Howard, is also currently playing in Hart of Dixie. Seeing all these actors and actresses that I love in different roles also added to my enjoyment of the show. I think this show did great on their final episode showing old and new cast members living their new lives. I wish that there was more, but sadly I have to say goodbye. This show has come from the unknown, to one I will never want to forget.

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