Coming to an End


The Night Shift and Beauty and the Beast having their season finale next week. Beauty and the Beast is returning for another season and The Night Shift is getting a 2nd season! Are you ready for what these shows have to offer? I am so happy that The Night Shift is doing so well and I can’t wait for the 2nd season to start. I feel like both of these shows did very well on their most recent seasons and can’t wait to see what their finales will be. The Night Shift Finale has something to do with a gunman. I thought it was pretty soon to bring that in a show, but you do want the finale to be something that is remembered. In Beauty and the Beast the finale includes Gabe as a beast again who puts Cat and Vincent in danger once again. They do not know how powerful Gabe is and if he fights Vincent, Vincent could get hurt. Even though these shows are ending there are still shows that have just started for this summer season. Covert Affairs comes on every Tuesday on USA and Teen Wolf comes on every Monday on MTV. A new show that just started which is Young and Hungry appears every Wednesday on ABC Family. Even though you might be sad that you favorite shows are ending, there are still some good summer shows to check out.

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