New Cast Members and Love Triangles


The Originals and The Vampire Diaries come back this fall in October. The Originals had a great 1st season, with the season ending in the birth of a hybrid baby. I can’t wait to see what the 2nd season has to offer. A new member is told to be joining the cast. Daniel Sharman who previously played Isaac on Teen Wolf, will be joining the cast of The Originals. I am excited for this new cast member and hope is new role is something I will love. The Vampire Diaries ended with Bonnie and Damon left on the other side. I do not know the fate about Bonnie, but Damon who is played by Ian Somerhalder is not dead. Many fans were worried that he would not be coming back for the following season, do not fear Damon will not be gone forever. Ian Somerhalder will be working on other things as a part of his acting career. While he is working on other parts of his career a love triangle may be developing between Stefan, Elena, and Caroline. How do I feel about this? I don’t like it. Caroline and Stefan are friends and that is all that they should be. I knew sooner or later that a romantic relationship might develop around them but I didn’t want it to. Elena … well I just don’t think she deserves Stefan but they are destined so I might have to get over that. What do you think about the love triangle that might happen? Looking forward to the fall season and what is to come.

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