6 Tips to Find That New Show


Many people watch TV as a part of everyday life. We have our favorite shows that we watch faithfully. What happens when that show comes to an end? Some people do not know what to watch next or they limit themselves and don’t realize what great shows are out there. Don’t fear cause I am here to help, here are a few tips and suggestions that might help and expand what you are watching.

  1. I always say to start with  your favorite show and the go from there.  Netflix is a great tool for finding things that are similar to what you usually watch. It tailors your account to the things you like to watch and what you might like to watch. I use it all the time it is a great tool for someone who is always looking for something new to watch. If I never know what to watch next, I go to Netflix. If you don’t have Netflix, Google is free.                      giphy
  2. Look at the writer of your favorite show. One writer that I enjoy is Shonda Rhimes. She writes Grey’s Anatomy, Scandal and How to Get Away With Murder. I enjoy the plots and twists in the first two shows and I feel that I will love the 3rd. If the writer of your favorite show has done other shows than you should check them out. The shows might have the same type of writing style, plots, or twists that you enjoyed in the first show.                                                    giphy-3
  3. Genre is also another way to find a show that you can watch. If you typically stick to one type of genre like Drama or mystery, then you should look at shows that are most watched in those categories. Here are some suggestions of the top shows in these categories and a few of my personal favorites. giphy-4
    • Comedies – “Baby Daddy” and “The Office”
    • Drama – “Grey’s Anatomy “and “Orange is the New Black”
    • Romance – “The Vampire Diaries” and “Gossip Girl”
    • Mystery – “Criminal Minds” and “Lost”
  4. Check out your favorite actors and actresses. You might remember Jennette McCurdy from iCarly. Now she is on a show called Between which I like. Another actress on a new TV show, is Ellie Kemper. I first saw her on The Office and now she is on one of my favorite comedies Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt. For movies, people will go to see it just because of the actors/actresses playing in it. The same goes for television, if you personally like an actor/actress you should check out the shows they have been in or will be in.  giphy-5
  5. Check what is most popular. Certain shows are popular for a reason and that reason could be what makes you interested in it. Even if it is something you would never think you could be interested in, give it a try. I didn’t think I would ever watch Game of Thrones, but I heard so many people talking about it so I gave it a try and now I am addicted.                                               giphy-2
  6. Lastly, ask your friends. People you know are sometimes the best to give you advice on new shows. You and your friends probably like a lot of the same things so why would TV shows be anything different. Your friends are also some of the closest people to you and know you the best so they can suggest a show that would be perfect for you. They can also suggest something you wouldn’t even think to try which could broaden your horizon.  Asking my friends what they like, is how I started watching the show Scandal and I absolutely love it!giphy-1

I hope these 6 tips are helpful when you are looking for another show to watch. I am always looking for something new and these tips always help me out. If you enjoyed this check out the rest of my blog for everything TV shows.

Photo from: hbo.com


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