She gets the award for the night! Teen Wolf was amazing as always and the end was spectacular! Wondering who the benefactor is this season has been tormenting, but it has made the season great. Meredith who is played by Maya Eshet has done a great performance. She has helped this Teen Wolf crew since last season and did anyone else’s heart break when she died? Mine did. Lydia had lost her (somewhat) mentor and the only other banshee she knew. Or did she? If you watched this weeks episode, then you know that is not the case. Meredith is ALIVE! When she turned that corner and said her line “he wasn’t on my list, but he was a bad man.” I was like ooooooooooo no she didn’t!  After that, I was like don’t mess with this girl because she is more powerful than you think. I can not wait to see what happens in the next episode but it looks like it will be EPIC! Don’t miss Teen Wolf on Monday nights on MTV.


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