Young & Hungry Finale


All I can say for the finale is that it left me wanting more. There has been a shipping war between Josh and Gabi or Cooper and Gabi. I personally ship Cooper and Gabi. Josh and Gabi also make a cute couple but for right now Cooper and Gabi are the ones I love. One of my reasons is because Jesse McCartney plays Cooper and I love Jesse McCartney. Another reason, is because Cooper saw something in Gabi in one of the first moments they were together. Josh didn’t realize how much Gabi cared for him until the finale. The fact that it took him so long to figure out that Gabi was the one is a reason that he loses points in my book. Yes, Cooper did leave Gabi and broke her heart but he did come back. Josh also came back but it was to late, he saw that Gabi had chosen Cooper and he realized in that moment, you do not realize how much you want something until it is gone. I do love both these guys and by the actions in the last few minutes you realize that they are both knights in shining armor. I really hope there is a next season because I can’t wait to see who Gabi choses. I love Cooper and Gabi but in the finale it made me question who I thought she should be with. Gabi has a big decision to make. I really hope this show gets renewed. I suggest everyone check out the first season of Young & Hungry on ABC Family.


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