Canceled Shows 2014


So here’s the deal, not every show can make it to the next year or season and these are the shows who did not last on TV. Selfie is the first one on my list. I predicted this from the beginning, if you don’t believe me check out my earlier posts. First of all the name predicted the future, like really seflie? I even gave it the benefit of the doubt by watching the first episode but it didn’t even phase me. It had an overall good message of how people shouldn’t be all about likes on social media but about the friends you have in real life. In the end, it wasn’t enough to keep this show alive. Gracepoint is next up on the list. I was a committed viewer of this show and after the finale, realizing that it isn’t coming back for another season is just heartbreaking. I must admit it wasn’t the best show but it was actual pretty interesting and definitely full of suspicion. This show had so much potential and I just wanted to see it go to another season because I wanted to see what else this show had, but sadly I can’t control that. The biggest reason this show didn’t succeed was because it didn’t have enough viewers. Yes, we the people control what is and isn’t on TV. A show could be amazing but if not enough people watch it, it will be gone. The last two I will be talking about are The Game and Glee. Both of these shows are ones I have watched on and off but are currently not keeping up with them. Glee I stopped watching because I was no longer interested. This show is not what it used to be, I use to love watching it and couldn’t wait till the next episode aired. Now, I’m am like “its about time it ended”. I really can’t describe what it is about it now, but all I know is that after they had the original cast graduate it has never really been the same. The Game, I feel is hilarious and the reason I ultimately stopped watching is because I haven’t kept up with it. It will be ending with its 9th season which I feel is a great run for this show. I hope that in the future I can watch this show from beginning to end. So that is just the shows that I have watched but there are others that will not be returning to TV. If you want to find out if any of your favorite shows were cut, check out the link below.


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