Sebastian Roche Coming To OUAT

sebastian roche

You may know this face as Mikael, on The Originals. He is the father of the original vampires and is feared because of his urge to kill them all. But he will be taking a break from that villainous role, as he goes on another show for a guest appearance. If you are a Once Upon A Time (OUAT) fan, then you will be seeing his face soon. He will joining the OUAT family for the second part of the most recent season. He will be playing the father of Aurora and it will be showing his troubles with Maleficent. I am super excited for him to appear on OUAT. I personally enjoy when actors or actresses double dip in shows that I watch, meaning, playing in different shows that I enjoy weekly. I am a committed watcher of The Originals and Once Upon A Time and I can’t wait to see what Sebastian Roche does with his character in his guest appearance. If you would like more information about this, check out Once Upon A Time on Twitter and Facebook. Once Upon A Time will have many new twist and turns coming and I can’t wait to see what they have in store for us viewers. Make sure you are ready to watch Once Upon a Time when it comes back next year.


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