No Longer a Recurring Role


One of The Vampire Diaries cast member will no longer be a recurring role. Jeremy Gilbert played by Steven R. McQueen will not be a regular on the show anymore. I am sorry to see him go but it might not be the last time we see him. He has been through so much, by being a Vampire hunter and all the drama with Bonnie. He has done so much when this supernatural world needed him. He has been a great part of the show and I will be sad to see him go. He might be back for other episodes and special moments throughout the show but for now we will have to say goodbye. I hope to see him in other things soon because ,(lets gets serious) this face needs to be seen.


2 thoughts on “No Longer a Recurring Role

  1. Nooo! This is the first I’ve heard of it! I’ll be sad there’ll be no more Jeremy, but I guess there are plenty of new characters to watch as they develop. Like you said, hopefully he will pop in every now and then 🙂

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