Eye Candy is a Must Watch


If you haven’t already seen the premiere of Eye Candy, then you need to start right now. Let me tell you something, that first episode had me on the edge of my seat. It was getting so intense, that I had to step away from the screen for a little bit. It was a great opening with suspense, romance, and murder. Vitoria Justice is the star of the show and does it well. You may remember her from Zoey 101 or Victorious. This show is definitely different level then the first two she was on. This show had such high intensity that the question is will they be able to keep it up for the rest of the season. This show is about a girl who is a tech genius that starts virtually dating and then someone from the site starts stalking her. Let me tell you that this stalker is on another level and it is creepy but that is what makes it so good. Will she be able to find this man before it is to late? We will have to watch and find out. I found myself  a new addiction and it is Eye Candy, It was so good that I will continue to watch this show every week. Everyone needs to watch this show on Mondays on MTV.


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