Not Looking Good For Red Band Society


It hurts me even to write this because Red Band Society is such a cute show and I really thought it was doing well. It turns out that I was wrong, Red Band Society’s ratings for the first season have not been good at all. I actually enjoyed this show and I thought it had a great cast but I can’t control the ratings. Red Band Society renewing for a second season, is looking very slim and that is not good news at all. The last episode that showed was definitely a cliff hanger but FOX will show 3 more episodes of Red Band Society but on a different day in hope of helping the ratings. The next few episodes will begin Jan 31st on a Saturday. This move can go in favor of the show because not many shows premiere on Saturday so hopefully more people will have time to watch it or want to because of this. The original time slot that it had was Wednesday nights, and if it had come back on that day it would have had to compete with other new shows like Blackish. This show has been very successful and would probably only hurt the ratings of Red Band Society. The one thing that could give this show a second chance is the fans. A strong fan base can make a difference and if the fans of Red Band Society keep fighting for this show maybe we will see a second season. There have been petitions that people can sign and even #saveredbandsociety on twitter. Fans including me want this show to have a second season because we can’t get enough of it. If interested at all in this show, you can catch up on Hulu before January 31st. This show definitely deserves to be seen.


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