Binge of the Month


Binge watching has become a regular in households now. Thanks to Netflix, you can watch your favorite shows without commercials for hours a day. I am a huge fan of binge watching and I watch a lot of shows like this. My current binge has been Gilmore Girls, which I found on Netflix. I use to watch reruns of this show on television, but I have never seen every single episode until now . Gilmore Girls is about a mother and a daughter living in a small town and the life they created. Their relationship is so cute but it does have its ups and downs. It has humor and drama and a little romance. Gilmore girls is definitely a show that you need to watch but here are a few tips before you watch. It has 7 seasons so it might take you a while, and do not watch this show on a empty stomach, because this show has a lot of food and you will get hungry. It was so sad to see it end but isn’t it always. For me, I get way to attached to the characters and shows that I watch. I really did enjoy watching this show again. If you enjoy One Tree Hill or Hart of Dixie, you might enjoy this show. I hope you will give it a chance.


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