Coming this February


There will be two shows coming back this month. It will not be as much as the month of January but at least you do not have to wait anymore to see these shows.

  • Nashville will be coming back February 4 on ABC
  • The Night Shift will be coming back February 23 on NBC

Nashville left off when the wedding of the year between Rayna and Luke got called off. Gunnar is not the father of the boy his ex left with him, as he found out on the last episode. It turned out that the kid was his brother’s who had passed away. Scarlett gets back on stage for the first time since her meltdown and performs with confidence. Let us not forget about the Juliette and Avery wedding and can not wait for the baby. There is also the problem with the marriage of Will and Layla and how she can no longer live like this.

The Night Shift which is a new show that premiered for the first time during the summer of 2014. It did so well that it got renewed for a 2nd season! It is another medical show taking place in a hospital but instead it is during the night shift hence the name. I wonder what the upcoming season will bring and what couples will form. Of course there is drama and love triangles. I am excited for both of these shows to come back and of course what the seasons will bring.


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