New Member of Teen Wolf


Ladies hold on to your seats because a new hottie is coming to Teen Wolf! If you thought the cast couldn’t get any hotter, think again. You might know the guy I’m talking about, he played on Pretty Little Liars as the younger brother of Aria Montgomery, Mike Montgomery. Yes, Cody Christian is coming to Teen Wolf! I am super excited about this. I always thought he needed a bigger part in Pretty Little Liars because that face man, lets get serious, it definitely needs to be seen. The question is, is Beacon Hills ready for him? He will be playing a wolf named Theo in search for a pack and will be a senior at Beacon Hills. I think he will be a great addition to the Teen Wolf cast and he will be joining the show in its 5th season. Speaking of the 5th season, Teen Wolf has started filming. After the 4th season ended, I have been craving Teen Wolf. I hope I’m not the only person excited about this, because this is definitely some of the best news. I have been having Teen Wolf withdrawal and let me just say that I am ready for this new season to start. If you are having withdrawal like me, you can go on the MTV website and watch the most recent season. For right now, we just have to wait till the season premiere but it is definitely worth the wait to see another season of Teen Wolf.


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