Fresh Off The Boat


If you like comedy, then you definitely need to check out the show Fresh Off the Boat. I was not expecting much when I started watching it, but I came out enjoying it. I have been watching episodes on Hulu and I can not get enough. It is about a family moving from Washington D.C. to Orlando. The thing that is different about this show is that the family is from Taiwan and they are adapting to American culture.  When I first saw previews for this show, I thought it would be corny and not amusing at all. I definitely didn’t think it would be funny or that I would get addicted so easily. My one friend who does not like comedies at all, thought that this show was amazing. One thing that makes this show different is that it takes place in 1995. There is nothing really on TV like this show and that is one reason that I believe that it is so popular.  This family is trying to stay true to their roots while adapting to the new place that they are in. I love the variety of shows and cast that television has now. It is so great to see a variety shows on television and to experience them. If you haven’t already figured it out, I want you to check out Fresh Off The Boat.  It is a comedy that deserves to be watched and if you enjoy comedies you will enjoy this show. It comes on Tuesdays on ABC.


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