The Catch


the-catchAttention Shonda lovers! There will be a new show coming from Shonda Rhimes called The Catch.   This show is about a women named Alice, who is about to get married to Kieran. Little does Alice know that she is about to be conned by her fiancé. Alice is not all that innocent either. She investigates fraud for a living but she is not all who she claims to be. In this show, Kieran’s con that was planned collides with the lies that Alice has said. When this happens, a dangerous game of cat and mouse begins. I am super excited for this show to come on because, come on its Shonda Rhimes. Shonda Rhimes is definitely one of my favorite people within the television industry and has done so many great shows and I will be glad to add this one to my list of weekly shows that I watch. I will definitely write more about this show as it comes closer to premiering, so definitely keep an eye out. I am excited to see the new show from the intelligent Shondaland, because I know it will be something to watch. Meanwhile, if you need to satisfy your craving for Shonda Rhimes you can catch the rest of her shows on TGIT on ABC.

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