We Will Miss You


A lot has been changing in TV the past couple of months. Different shows are losing key roles recently, but will this continue? Its not like these shows just started, we have been watching them for years and can not bear to see our favorite characters leave. A few examples of our favorite actors/actresses leaving are Steven R McQueen from The Vampire Diaries who plays Jeremy Gilbert,  Nina Dobrev from The Vampires who plays Elena Gilbert, Tyler Hoechlin from Teen Wolf who plays Dereck Hale, and Patrick Dempsey from Grey’s Anatomy who plays Derek Shepherd. Let me just say that the last one was a shock to us all. This makes me think who will be next. What great character will leave a show? I hope these are the last ones for a while because my heart can not take anymore. These characters weren’t just characters they were apart of our lives.

We watched Jeremy Gilbert start as the younger brother of Elena and grow before our eyes. He was in a relationship with Bonnie which we loved and he became a hunky vampire killer. We saw him and Matt grow as friends and we saw all the pain Jeremy had went through. He lost so many people in his life but all this hurt got Jeremy where he is today. He is the nice guy that we always love and we will miss Steven R. McQueen playing him.

We watched Elena Gilbert grow after the death of her parents. She has been with both Salvatore brothers and we all took sides for which one she should be with. We have seen her go through tremendous lost. She has lost her parents, aunt, and friends. She has died many times but has always come back to us. We are sad to see this goodbye and will miss Nina Dobrev playing her.

We watched Derek Hale start as the mysterious werewolf that everyone was scared of. He learned about his rough past and how he became the way he was. We saw him as he was a teacher to Scott and how they have grown closer. We have seen has he been a mentor to everyone and helped them with problems and how he lead the pack. We have seen his last transformation from a werewolf to human to wolf. We will miss seeing Tyler Hoechlin playing him.

We watched Derek Shepherd for 10 years growing as an individual and a surgeon. We saw him fall in love and start a family. We saw him as chief and then realize what he really wanted. He has been through a shooting and a plane crash and so many other things. We have seen him laugh, cry and get hurt like each one of us do. We have seen him loose his best friend, and now after everything he has been though we will see him go. We will miss Patrick Dempsey playing him.

To all these actors/actresses, we your fans want to say thank you. Thank you for coming on our TV screens every week and giving us your very best. Thank you for letting us be apart  of your character’s lives. Thank you for the emotions you made us feel because of your great performance. Lastly I want to say thank you for the many years you played our favorite  characters, we greatly appreciate it. I wish you all the best of luck when going forward with your career. I know whatever you guys do, you will be great at.

Love, Your Fans


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