10 Worthy Summer Binges

merlin-summer     photo from www.fanpop.com

Hello everyone, I hope you guys are doing well. It’s that time of the year again. The time for the beach, tan, and of course binge watching your favorite TV shows. I love this time of year because I have so much more time to watch TV! We all have those certain shows that we watch during the fall, but when the summer comes around they have ended. Do not fear. I am here to give you some suggestions of shows you can binge watch on Netflix this summer.

  • Breaking Bad – 5 seasons This show is about a chemistry teacher who is dying and decides to sell crystal meth to provide for his family. This show has drama and has violence.
  • Merlin – 5 seasons This show is a twist on a classic tale about King Arthur. It shows fantasy, love and a great friendship between Arthur and Merlin.
  • Friday Night Lights- 5 seasons This show is about a football coach that tries to inspire his players on and off the field. It also shows the love of football. This has drama and a lot of football.
  • Gossip Girl – 6 seasons This show is about the most popular kids on the upper east side. They are constantly being watched and none of their secrets are safe. There has romance and tons of drama in this show.
  • Gilmore Girls – 7 seasons This show is about a mother and daughter and how much they love each other. There are definitely ups and downs and their relationship is tested, but they still love each other. This has drama, romance, and family.
  • Psych – 8 seasons This show is about a man who pretends to be psychic to helps the police with cases. He also brings around his best friend to help. This show is a comedy and it has a lot of bromance.
  • Charmed – 8 seasons This is a show about three sisters who are witches and they have to try to save the supernatural world from evil. This show has romance, drama, and a lot of supernatural creatures.
  • One Tree Hill – 9 seasons This show is about a small town, basketball, and a brother rivalry. There is romance and drama and a lot of basketball.
  • The Office – 9 seasons This show is a mockumentary about an office called Dunder Mifflin. Everything that could go wrong in an office happens in this show. It is a Comedy that will have you rolling.
  • Friends – 10 seasons This show is about 6 friends that live in Manhattan. They deal with the struggles of everyday life but in the end they know that they have each other. This is a comedy all about your best friends.

I hope these suggestions were helpful. You have the whole summer to watch one of these or more if you like. These are all shows that have ended, so you won’t have to wait for another season to come to TV. You can find all of these on Netflix and check out the rest of my blog for other shows that I have binged watched.


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