Coming This Month


Each month I try to give a list of shows that will begin premiering. This month here are a few shows that I am looking forward to. Pretty Little Liars already premiered June 2nd, but I am so excited for this season. It is the summer of answers and I can’t wait to find them out. Baby Daddy has already premiered June 3 on ABC Family. This is a great comedy for everyone to enjoy. The cast is also amazing. The new show Proof will be coming June 16 on TNT. This show is about finding out what happens after someone dies. If you want more info in this show, check out my previous blog post about it. Big Brother will be coming on June 24 on CBS. I don’t usually watch reality TV shows but I actually enjoy this one. I like the game and the competition along with it. I think this is a great show for everyone. Teen Wolf will be coming June 29 on MTV. I am really excited for this show. I have missed it so much, and this season there will be more supernatural creatures and new cast members. These are just a few shows that will be coming this month. I hope that this helps you out and if you have interest in any of these shows, you should check them out. I think you will enjoy them all.


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