Binge of the Month


My current binge has been of the show Friends. I started it because many of my friends kept suggesting it. I never was really into Friends, I watched it here and there but never got into it. It then came on Netflix, and I was like why not give it a try. I watched all 10 seasons of Friends and I gotta say I really liked it. It was the right amount of funny and seriousness. It definitely is a show that you should see. The characters in this show are great and they brought me many laughs. I love how this show is all about friendship and how over everything they stick together. I love how sensitive Ross is and how he still loves dinosaurs. I love how Rachel decided to go on her own and live her own life. I love how Monica likes everything a certain way and can be controlling. I love how free Pheobe is and how she stay true to what she believes in. I love how Chandler is sarcastic and how he is always there for anyone. I love how Joey loves to eat, and I love how big his heart is. These characters are so good together and I am glad I watched this show. If you want to Binge watch this show for the summer, all 10 seasons are on Netflix.


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