Binge of the Month


My most recent binge has been one of the most popular shows, which is Game of Thrones. I have always wanted to watch this show and I am glad that I did. This show is based on the book series Game of Thrones ( which I plan on reading). This show known for the blood, adult content, and for killing your favorite characters. I am one of those people that get attached to a character so I didn’t know how I would feel about this show. I didn’t like how they were killing off characters at first, but then it was kind of refreshing because it keeps you on your toes. Sometimes when you watch a show  and something terrible is happening to a main character you know they are going to live, because they are important and of course a main character. In this show, you never know what is going to happen which I love and hate. Sometimes I don’t mind when a character I don’t like dies but other times, my heart aches for the ones that I love. Overall, this is a great show with sword fights, blood, death, love, dragons, and drama. If any of that interest you, you should check it out. It is popular for a reason. Just to warn you there is a lot of adult content so if you are not into that, this is not your type of show. I would highly recommend this show, because it has so many characters and storylines. It makes it so enjoyable and keeps you watching.The 5th season has recently finished up.  I can’t wait for the next season which will be on HBO.

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