Celebrity Family Feud


The ratings for this show have been off the roof. If you thought Family Feud couldn’t get any better, than you were wrong. Let me introduce you to Celebrity Family Feud! Different Celebrity families like the Braxton’s have been on this show and let me tell you that you need to watch it. I can not stop laughing. You definitely see Steve Harvey at his best. Family Feud is already a favorite game show that so many people invite into their homes. What could possibly make the show even better? It would be seeing your favorite celebrities and their families play. You see everyday people play it but how would celebrities answer the same questions? Different celebrity families play against each other but it is all for a good cause. The family that wins will get $25,000 donated to the charity of their choice. The opposing team will also get a small donation toward the charity of their choice for participating. I think this is a great idea, celebrities’ and viewers have fun while the proceeds go toward a good cause. Overall, I love this show and the celebrity edition just makes it even better. You can catch this show on ABC. You should definitely check it out to see if your favorite celebrities happen to play.


3 thoughts on “Celebrity Family Feud

  1. I didn’t even know this was a thing, I’ll have to look out! I like the new theme by the way 🙂 Very nice! I nominated you for a blogging award, the post will publish tomorrow. I’ll link you to it when it publishes!

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