What Will August Bring?


Its August! Unfortunately August means, summer will be coming to an end. So you will have to say goodbye to those summer shows. Now that August is here it means that fall is just around the corner. With fall it brings, your favorite fall shows! Lets start out with the goodbyes and guilty pleasures of summer. A show we will have to say goodbye to for the summer is UnReal. It has been one of the hottest shows this summer. It has also been a guilty pleasure of mine. I have been tuning into Lifetime every week and now that it is over I am lost for the summer. Since we are on the subject of guilty pleasures, one that I watch almost every summer is Big Brother on CBS. Being in a house secluded from the outside world, is crazy and addicting at the same time. A few favorites of mine for the summer are Teen Wolf on MTV , Beauty and the Beast on CW, and Pretty Little Liars on ABC Family. These shows I make sure to watch every summer when they are on because I just love them and can’t stop. So enough about summer lets talk about the fall. So the great thing about fall is that all your favorite shows will be coming back. Along with your favorites, there will be some new shows coming up this season. One that has been talked about a lot is Scream Queens which will be coming to Fox this fall. Some other shows are Grandfathered with John Stamos and Josh Peck. Muppets which will be premiering this fall and I wonder what will happen on the show now that Miss Piggy and Kermit are calling it quits. The last show is Blood and Oil with Chace Crawford from Gossip Girl. This show will be coming this fall on ABC. These are just a few new shows coming this fall. Keep a look out on my blog for more info on upcoming shows.


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