So if you haven’t heard already ABC Family is changing their name to Free Form. When i first heard this, i wasn’t happy. What kind of name is Free Form? I can understand why they are changing the name, ABC Family doesn’t really seem to fit the TV station anymore just because of the TV shows they have now and how they are expanding type of shows that they have. I just don’t think that Free Form was a good choice in names. This change will be happening in January, so as we bring in the new year we will also be bringing in a new TV station. I know I am not the only person who is hesitant about this, many other people have told me how they don’t like the name and don’t even want them to change the it. I know that change is good sometimes, but is this the type of change we need right now? I’m fine with ABC Family but I guess I will have to open minded. Will changing the title keep me from watching the station, no way! It will just take some getting used to. So bring it on Free Form, you have heavy competition to follow. ABC Family was great so following that station is gonna be a tough one.


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