If you are looking for a new comedy, Superstore is not a bad one to watch. I have seen the first 4 episodes and they are not bad. I did have an occasional chuckle throughout these episodes.  So far it has been pretty good, it definitely has potential to be great. I am testing the waters on this one because I am not completely sure how I feel about it. It is definitely not the best comedy I have ever seen, but I think that it could get there. The beginning of this show was good, it just needs a couple more episodes so that it has a good foundation. Superstore is a comedy about a store that sells everything that you can possibly imagine. The main focus of the show is on the employees that work there and what they have to deal with on a daily basis. Also Incorporated in the show, you see the strange customers that come in there from day to day. Let’s just say that they are an interesting crowd. One thing that I am excited about is that America Ferrera is back on television. Overall, my review of this show is that is basically like every other comedy and it needs more to make it stand out. I think that it is possible and I hope to see more in the upcoming episodes. If you are interested in this comedy, it comes on NBC on Monday nights.


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