Binge of the Month: 90210

90210 picture from

I recently finished watching 90210 on Netflix. I decided to watch this show because my sister kept asking me, and would not take no for an answer. Her persistence lead to me watching the show and to this post. If you like high school dramas, then I think that this show is for you. 90210 is set in Beverly Hills, California following the lives and drama of certain high school students. It has love triangles, California beaches, and so much more. Just to let you know before you watch this show, it is very high school. I just didn’t expect this show to be like that, when I first started it. It isn’t a bad show I just needed to get use to it. You  begin to see the difference of when you watch high school dramas, while in high school than by watching them when you are no longer in high school. Overall, I liked watching this show. It reminded me of Gossip Girl, because the writing seemed to be on the same level. If you like shows like Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill, then you might enjoy 90210. They all start taking place in high school, and then end up developing some of the same problems throughout the shows. If you need a little drama in your life, try watching this latest binge 90210.


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