Women’s History Month: Shonda Rhimes

shonda-rhimesphoto from www.nab.org

Women’s History Month begins so let us celebrate women in television. There is no other person I think would be better to talk about. If you know me, you know that I love Shonda Rhimes and her work. She has done so much in the television industry and continues to be setting the standard. She has created 3 shows (so far), with a 4th coming out soon. She has developed her own empire called ShondaLand where  a great atmosphere is created. ShondaLand is a an American television company which she founded to be one of the production companies for her first show Grey’s Anatomy. Ever since then,  her talent and name has grown. From various articles read and interviews watched, people love Shonda Rhimes and working for her. The atmosphere she wants to provide is one filled with great people which starts with the cast and goes all the way to production staff. Because of this, the people on each and every one of her shows are like a family. They enjoy each others company and genuinely like each other.

One thing that I love that has been recently done was TGIT. The team she has developed came up with a great idea to put all her shows on 1 night going back to back to back. As soon as I saw this, I thought it was genius. She even had a  #TGIT which I do use when I’m watching all three shows of course. If you didn’t think she could top that, she recently announced a new show called The Catch. This show will soon become part of the TGIT night. I don’t know how much drama I can handle in one night, but I sure will be watching all 4 shows. She basically owns a day of the week and that day is Thursday.

She hasn’t just created a successful empire. She has created more diverse roles for the world of entertainment. I believe one reason she is so successful because she is able to create these shows with amazing characters so well. The roles that I love the most are the women. They are strong, successful, and independent. These and other diverse characters she has is what make her shows a must watch.

Shonda Rhimes has definitely shaped how I see my future and my aspiring career goals. I never thought I could take my passion for television and turn it into a job. If I enjoy watching so much TV, why not help make some of them happen? I just want to say thank you Shonda Rhimes for being someone that I can look up to. I hope to create an amazing show and be able to produce it one day. I thank you for showing me that this is possible and that if I truly follow my dreams it can happen plus so much more. I hope on day we will cross paths so that I can tell you how much you have inspired me.


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