Women’s History Month: Gina Rodriguez


photo from www.popsugar.com

Here is another one of my favorite women in television. She is a new face to the screen for me. I first saw her in Jane the Virgin on CW. I didn’t fall in love with her as an actress until she won her Golden Globe. It was really her acceptance speech that got me. She just seemed so genuine and I love rooting for the underdog. The thing about that Golden Globe was that no one expected her to win and she ended up winning. She also handled her acceptance speech with grace. One line in her speech which I loved was “I can and I did.”   I thought those couple of words said so much and were very powerful. I also thought it was a perfect ending for a speech. She is a very beautiful women and also very humble. One thing I love is how she always thanks the people around her anytime she is given any type of award or recognition. She also takes the time to recognize other people before her, and the accomplishments they have done. She just has so much grace and she is one of those people you can see being good friends with.  She has been named the next big thing and also named one of the top 35 Latinos under 35 by The Hollywood Reporter.I suggest that you all see Jane the Virgin because it is an amazing show.It has drama, and love triangles, and also some humor.  You should also see it because Gina Rodriquez is the main character and because this is only the beginning for her. I hope to see great things for Gina Rodriguez in the future and I will definitely be following her career.


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