Being Mary Jane


I decided to start this show because of some friends persistence. My friends kept saying how good the show is and all the drama that occurred. At first I was skeptical to watch, because I wasn’t sure if I would like it. After tons of persistence, I finally broke and watched the show and was I glad I did. First of all, I love Gabrielle Union as an actress and that was one reason this show was so great. I also like the type of theme for the show. It starts out with a quote or saying in the beginning and the show is centered around that. I think that is something different that I haven’t really seem. Also, I love quotes so that’s a plus. So this show is about a successful working woman who really just wants to find her perfect half. Just because she wants it doesn’t mean it will be easy. There are many obstacles that come her way that don’t just make love but her life hard as well. She also has family drama that she has to deal with that doesn’t make anything easier. Mary Jane tries to find her happy ending with all the stress and difficulties she has going on in her life. The first 2 seasons are on Netflix and trust me when I say you will get attached. Hope you enjoy!



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