Binge of the Month: Royal Pains

royal-pains photo from

My latest binge has been Royal Pains. I had looked to this show here and there but never really committed to the show. I finally decided to click on this show that has been on my list forever. Now that I have finished all I can say is what took me so long? This show is a medical show with a lot of brotherly love. I think that is what makes it different than other medical shows. This one is about 2 brothers, and how this medical practice that they have started has strengthen their relationship. I appreciate the sibling bond in this show and I think that is one of the things I liked best about it. Besides the medicine and the brotherly love, this show does have a little bit of drama to it. With surgery and blood, there is bound to be a little drama. Besides the drama there is some humor that I enjoyed while watching. I was surprised how much I enjoyed the show. Thankfully, I finished all 7 seasons on Netflix before the final season on USA. I am currently watching the final season on USA and it is sad because I just got into this show and it will be over soon. I hope that this post inspires you guys to watch this show because it is worth it.


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