Bring Back Nashville

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I decided to watch the finale of Nashville when it came on because I loved this show and I wanted to see how it ended. So I was watching the show just knowing that at the end, it would be everything that I hoped for. Wrong! It was coming to the end and my emotions are already on a high, from Scarlett, to Gunner, Rayna, and Maddie. Then as my emotions reached their peak and when you think that everyone is going to be OK. BAM! They put a cliff hanger in there and then the credits come. Then I am thinking to myself, I know that didn’t just happened. How do you end s series like that?

 I then took to twitter to see if there was anyone else that felt my pain after watching that finale. Not only did I found others but I also found that #bringbacknashville was trending. Thank you Nashies!!!! It is a beautiful thing when a group of people band together.

Do not fear there is still hope. Among the tweets, Lionsgate says that the cast and networks are interested in a 5th season. They better not be messing with the fans because as you know we are a powerful people. Hopefully there is a light at the end of the tunnel that brings back the show.
All I want is one more season but with an ending the right way. Keeping my fingers crossed and hoping for the best.

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