Next new show to keep your eyes on this fall is Notorious. Piper Perabo plays Julia George who is a producer and her lawyer friend, Jake Gregorian played by Daniel Sunjata band together to help each other out to get what they want.

Notorious photo from

What happens when a producer and a lawyer team up to further their careers? A whole lot.

Julia and Jake have the perfect relationship, or so they thought. Jake is a defense attorney who uses Julia’s help to manipulate the media to win cases. Julia is a news producer and uses Jake skills as a defense attorney to increase her shows views.  They use their jobs to their advantage and that means helping each other out. This relationship comes with a cost and that is treading in dangerous waters and making many enemies.  At least they have each other, but what happens when one of them doesn’t hold up their end of their relationship?   This show was inspired by the relationship between a criminal defense attorney Mark Geragos and an executive producer Wendy Walker.

This show looks all kinds of good. First of all, I love Piper Perabo as an actress and I cant wait to see her in Notorious on ABC this fall. Check the video below for your own first look.


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