Poor Jane!

Jane-the-virgin-poor           photo from: www.smallscreengirl.com

I’m catching up on a lot of shows recently. The most recent has been Jane the Virgin.

*Spoilers Ahead*

So I have always been team Raphael since day one, but seeing how much Michael makes Jane happy and their history made me like him more.Even though they sometimes seemed to have the better relationship, I still wanted Raphael and Jane to be together. Unfortunately I don’t write the show.

I was sad that she was marrying Michael but if Raphael could put away her feelings and let her be happy then I could too. Even though in the back of my mind, I wanted Raphael and Jane to work. Finally. Jane and Michael were married and I was like then they are meant to be. Then when my love for Michael was at its best, the go and shoot him. I’m like what, why, nooooo!!!! I was content with everything, and just when I go liking someone they have to make it difficult. Jane really can not catch a break in this show. I am sad that Jane’s wedding day ended that way. I need season 3 to come right away so that I can find out what happens. Besides my personal feelings, I think the writers did a great job with this episode but i’m sad it might have costed Michael his life.


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