The Killing


The Killing is a crime show and a  Netflix original. It isn’t just your typical type of crime show it has more of a dark feeling to it. That is just a warning to those who decide to give this show a try.

This show only has 4 seasons but the show can be a bit much if you binge watch. It reminds me of when I binged Game of Thrones. I could only do so much because of all the death. There isn’t that much death in this show but it can be a lot at once. I really did like this show a lot. What made me keep watching was the complications of the cases and how I didn’t know what was going to happen next. The suspense and unpredictability is a key factor to why I believe it is so good. I kind of wished it has more seasons but what can you do? So overall, for the brave ones, I think this is a good show for you to try.

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