Binge of the Month: Charmed


So Charmed has my most recent binge for the last couple of months. As I was getting ready for my next adventure, I wanted a show with some familiarity. I chose to watch Charmed because I knew I liked the show but I hadn’t seen every single episode. I am so glad that I made the decision to make sure I watched it all the way through. 

If you have never seen Charmed, it is about 3 sisters who find out they are witches. They are very powerful and use their powers to help people and to reach their ultimate destiny. It definitely has strong female characters which is one thing I really like about this show. I also love the sister bond they have. No matter what they go through the sisters always stick together. This show definitely makes me love my sister a little bit more.

This show is supernatural, fantasy, and drama. If you like things like that, then I think you will enjoy it. It is a total of 8 seasons so its a commitment. The whole series is on Netflix so enjoy.

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