Binge of the Month: The Big Bang Theory


So I have been watching Big Bang Theory on Netflix. All 9 seasons that are there. So I apologize for being so quiet online.  Why did I want to watch this so you ask? I watched some episodes on TV but just here and there. It has been on for 9 seasons and currently on its 10th, so I wanted to truly give this show a try. I had thought the show was funny, but I didn’t realize how much. I was literally lying on the floor from laughing so much. I absolutely love Sheldon’s character and think that sometimes we need some people to be a little more blunt in the world. Other times I’m like, I don’t know if I would be able to handle his personality because its a lot.

This is definitely a feel good comedy TV show. Whenever I was stressed from writer a paper or just feeling down, I turned on Big Bang Theory and I immediately started feeling better. Let’s be serious, this show brings out the nerd in all of us and I love it! This cast is really talented and so is the writing. I am also loving the female scientist! Smart ladies are sexy, that is fact not fiction.

The episodes are only 30 mins, so be careful how many you binge watch in a day. Also they eat a lot of take out so don’t be alarmed if you start craving Chinese food. It happened to me and I had to go to China Town immediately because my cravings got really bad. Definitely check out this comedy for a good laugh.

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