Sherlock Holmes Museum


If you ever go to London, then you have to go to the Sherlock Holmes Museum. I didn’t become a fan of Sherlock till I saw the BBC series with Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman. As soon as I saw the first episode I fell in love. Along the way I fell in love with Jim Moriarty, he is one of my absolute favorite villains no matter what you say. 

Thanksgiving isn’t celebrated in London, so me and my friend decided to finally visit the Sherlock Holmes Museum that we have been dying to see. I was so excited when I was in the museum. If you are a fan of the show, you will absolutely love it. When you walk into the museum, you see so many familiar things that you see on TV. You get to first walk into his room and see where he would sleep of course. Then you go to the famous study, which is basically in every episode. You see the violin that he plays and you see the famous hat and pipe on the table. When you head up to the next floor, you see Mrs. Hudson’s room. I love Mrs.Hudson! She is so feisty and she has to be that way when living with Sherlock. The very top floor has figurines from the different types of cases that he has solved. Just be aware of this floor because I wasn’t ready. I thought something was going to just jump out from behind a door or something. Besides me always looking over my shoulder, it was definitely the most interesting floor.


When you finish with the museum you have to get a souvenir. A lot of the things they have are amazing like the traditional Sherlock hat, the pipe, t shirts, magnifying glasses, and so much more. I wanted to buy the whole store out because that is how much I love this show, but i’m not rich so that was out of the question. I loved this visit to the museum because it just made me love the show even more.

Recap: Things you must do when visiting the museum.

  1. Take a picture in front of the door 221B Baker Street

  2. Take a picture in the Sherlock  outfit

  3. Get something from the gift shop

  4. MOST IMPORTANT – enjoy the museum!

I can’t wait for the next season of this show and I hope you guys love the museum as much as I did!


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