Where Did We Leave Off?


So, the promo for the new Nashville season just came out and I am all types of excited! Ever since they announced that previous season would be their last, I was devastated. Then CMT came to the rescue, and now we will have another season of Nashville to look forward to. If you saw the trailer, then you would be just as excited as I am. It looks amazing and since it will be showing on a new station I am looking forward to what this show will look like.

Where did we leave off from last season? That’s right, Gunner and Scarlet got back together, Maddie was reunited with her family, and the big one was that something went wrong with Juliette’s plane. Avery chose Juliette and he went to meet her at the airport, and then her plane goes missing! That is just not OK, Juliette needs to be alright.

Anyway the new trailer makes the upcoming season looks like its going to be great. You can check it out on twitter. The new season will be coming back in January, so if you need to catch up do it now. Hope you guys enjoy it!

Photo from: cartermatt.com


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