I always wanted to watch this show because I heard it was really good and I agree with everyone that told me so. I love Idris Elba as an actor so I knew that I had to give this show a try. If you have never heard of Luther, it is a detective show but it is definitely on more of a darker side. It takes place in the East side of London. ( fun fact: I was in London while watching this) It was so cool to be able to revisit some of the places that were in the show. Any way back to business, for anyone who is into detective shows it is a really good one to give a try. I love how it isn’t just about a guy solving cases. This is a detective that wants the bad guys to be punished for what they have done and sometimes he might do the wrong thing for the right reason. Its a great show,give it a try, and check out the rest of my posts if you like this one.

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