Luke Cage


What up! What up! What up!

I finally watched Luke Cage! I know it took me long enough but I did it. This show was so awesome. I love the Marvel movies so I was excited to see this new super hero. I have seen a lot of articles about this show before and that is a main reason why I decided to watch it. What is Luke Cage about you ask? It is about a man protecting the people of Harlem and even though he has supernatural powers it is not easy. 

One thing that is cool about this show is the message it brings. Luke Cage doesn’t wear a mask because he doesn’t feel like he needs one. He doesn’t feel like he has to hide his identity or abilities. His superhero suit is a hooded  sweatshirt and that is it. He doesn’t need anything flashy or a disguise just a man in a hoodie. This is only the beginning of the messages that the show brings. I urge you to read some of the articles written about this show. Let me know in the comments what you think. 

If you have liked the other Marvel movies, then you will probably enjoy this one also. It is filled with action and drama which is the perfect mix for any superhero show. My final comments on this show is that it always kept me on my toes and made me come back for more. The first season is on Netflix, so check it out.

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