A Series of Unfortunate Events


What Up! What Up! What Up!

I just finished watching A Series of Unfortunate Events on Netflix. I do have to say that I kind of liked it. I had read all the books when I was younger and finally a show has come out that will bring them to life. I read the books so long ago, that what had happened in them is kind of fuzzy. I might need to dig those out and reread them. I did also watch the movie that came out with Jim Carrey and I loved that cast a lot. I was hesitant even to watch this show because I loved the movie and I didn’t want the show to disappoint.

I think that Neil Patrick Harris did a great job and is perfect to play Count Olaf. While watching the show, it was great to see a series I loved come back to life. I think the show stayed more true to the book than the movie had, which I greatly appreciated.

Unfortunately (no pun intended) for me, I kept comparing the show to the movie. I had loved the movie so much that it was hard for me personally to appreciate the show completely on its own. Even though I think Neil Patrick Harris is doing a great job, I loved Jim Carrey as Count Olaf a little more.  The comparison for me does stop after Aunt Josephine’s house, because that is where the movie stops. As the show went on from there I enjoyed it a lot more. I was no longer thinking well the movie did this. I was thinking how much I was enjoying it. I am so excited for future seasons and can’t wait to see which way they decide to take the show. 

The first season is on Netflix if you dare to watch. Please like and comment below if you enjoyed this post or about your thoughts on the show. And on that note, The Show Must Go On.

Photo from: inverse.com


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