Black History Month: Aja Naomi King


What Up! What Up! What Up!

I don’t know about you guys but I absolutely love Aja Naomi King. I think she is so pretty and is just amazing. You may know her from the show How To Get Away With Murder. She plays Michaela Pratt one of the law students that work for Annalise Keating. This was the first role that I saw her in and I think she is amazing. When someone is in a Shonda Rhimes production then you know they are good. You also might know her from a movie called The Birth of a Nation where she played Cherry. She is one of those celebrities that isn’t afraid to share what she believes in. She also supports her fellow actress and actor friends in other roles they may receive. 

This is only the beginning of her career that we are seeing. If you follow her on social media, you will see how much she cares about different rights and stands for things that she believes in. I honestly love her as an actress and hope one day that I will be able to meet her. Her representation in television is not overlooked. We need all races and cultures represented in television to show everyone that they matter. 

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