Women’s History Month: Aimee Carrero


For Women’s History Month, we will be talking about Aimee Carrero. 

Aimee Carrero is a new face that I have being seeing on television. Her name has also been coming up a lot too within the television industry. I saw her in small roles in some movies but the television show I first saw her in was Young and Hungry. She plays Sofia which is the roommate to Gabi the main character. I think Aimee Carrero is a great part of the cast and is the perfect person to play Sofia.

Acting in Young and Hungry isn’t the reason why we are talking about her. Aimee Carrero is the voice of Elena of Avalor. Elena is the first Latina princess for Disney and is a great role for Aimee. This is a show that is currently on Disney. I am hoping that a Disney movie will come out of this because that is long over due. I think her career is just getting started and we will see a lot more from her. 

There are some amazing women doing amazing things in this industry. They are making a difference and paving the way for future generations. I just wanted to take time to thank them and celebrate their accomplishments.

Please comment below if there are any other women in the television that should be recognized for their role. And The Show Must Go On. 

Photo from: beautifulballad.org


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