Women’s History Month: Julie Plec


Continuing with the current theme of Women’s History Month, we will be talking about Julie Plec.

Julie Plec is a producer and writer mostly know for The Vampire Diaries. I remember watching this show in high school and going back to school the next day, and talking to my friends about it. She is also know for the spin off series The Originals. You can say she is doing very well in the television industry. Even though Vampire Diaries ended its long run, The Originals is still going strong. These aren’t the only shows she has wrote for though. She also wrote for The Tomorrow People, Kyle XY and Containment. Not only can she write and produce but she has directed too. She is a woman that is another boss in this industry and a triple threat. I can’t wait to see what else she brings to television in the future. 

  There are some amazing women doing amazing things in this industry. They are making a difference and paving the way for future generations. I just wanted to take time to thank them and celebrate their accomplishments.

Please comment below if there are any other women in the television that should be recognized for their role. And The Show Must Go On.

Photo from: hollywoodreporter.com


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