The Get Down


What Up! What Up! What Up!

I see this advertised on Netflix a lot so I thought I would check it out. Also, a friend recommended it to me and said I would like it. I watched the first episode and didn’t really get into it until after the 2nd episode.

This show takes place in the Bronx around the disco era. The basics are about a bunch of kids who want to do more with their life. They all have dreams and aspirations and hope to reach them some day. OK, so let’s dig a little deeper in the show. Disco music is the spirit and heart of this show. It is what everyone is listening to and disco DJs are the kings of their neighborhood. If you are a good DJ, you are loved by many and that is what a lot of people want to be. It really shows how disco is a part of the Bronx and how it makes them feel. Not only is it about music but it is also about power and how everyone wants it. This show also shows how far some people will go to get that power. What really stuck out to me in the show was seeing what these kids are going through to make a name for themselves or to even get out of the Bronx. The cast o kids is pretty awesome and among them is Jaden Smith. This is a cool show to check out. It is a Netflix Original and there is only one season right now but another is coming out April 7th.

Please comment below on what you think about the show. And as always The Show Must Go On. 

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