13 Reasons Why is a Must Watch


What Up What Up What Up!

I watched this show in 2 days. I had first seen previews for it a couple weeks before and that really caught my eye. I also learned that this show was based on a book, which I had never known. I only watched the promo for it so that is why I decided to check it out.

If you don’t already know, this show is about a girl who commits suicide. She leaves behind tapes for the 13 reasons why she decided to this and who was a reason she did it. Whoever is listening to the tapes, is a reason why she decided to commit suicide. It is a heavy kind of show but it is so real, which is why I think it makes it so hard to watch. I think the creators of this show did a really good job of showing the affects of bullying and what someone who is contemplating suicide might be going through. I also think that they did a fantastic job with providing a diverse cast. The actors weren’t bad either. These charters were well rounded and had different levels to them. And it was interesting to see how all their stories interacted. I think the actors did a good job of showing the different depths of each character.

None of the topics in the show are easy and I think they showed us as viewers how hard it can be. Some scenes were uncomfortable and I think in a way that is a good thing, because sometimes people need to be uncomfortable for it to affect them. 

It took me so long to write this because I would ask friends if they watched it and what they thought. We would say what characters we loved and hated. We would talk about certain events. Overall, everyone thought it was so entertaining and informative. It was one of those shows that you immediately want to see the next episode to see what happens. I had to take a couple days just to reflect on what I just watched.

I think show is one that everyone should watch. There are some hard scenes so it is more for older viewers, but the show is amazing. You never know how your words or actions will affect someone. You never know what they are going through or dealing with in their life. 

This show is a Netflix original. I am probably not the first place that talked about it, but check it out. My last thing is, Do you think there will be a season 2?

And The Show Must Go On

Photo from: www.denofgeek.com



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