Making a Murderer


I definitely watched this a lot later than everyone else. I heard a lot of good things about it and was excited to see what it was about. If you haven’t seen it yet i’ll tell you what it is about. It is about a man you is Steven Avery who was wrongly accused of a crime. He then was found innocent and released. He then was arrested for a another crime years later. He says he was innocent but was still found guilty. 

I never really watched a documentary crime show. This was a new genre for me and it was really interesting. I never really knew what went into a case and seeing what went on in this one was so crazy to believe. I watched all the episodes and if you ask me if I think he was guilty, I would tell you that I honestly don’t know. The first time I would say he was guilty but then we find out he was innocent.  So the 2nd time it is hard to say. You see the deck was stacked against him and that the town didn’t like his family. There are so many unknown parts that it is hard to see the truth. I liked this show because it was something I have never really seen before.  If you haven’t seen it already ( which is highly unlikely), go and watch. If you have never watched a documentary, it is a little slower than scripted shows but totally worth it. And as always The Show Must Go On. 

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