I like watching TV so I decided to write about it.


This site is all about TV shows. Its about my thoughts, opinions, and suggestions regarding TV. I am just someone who is a fan of many shows and I wanted to share my passion with everyone else.

Why do I love watching TV? I love watching a story unfold. I love knowing the cast of a show on and off the show and how they get along. I like the behind the scenes and what goes into making a scene. Most of all, I like all the magic comes together and watching it come alive every time I watch a show.

Currently working on my dream of working in the entertainment industry and traveling while doing it.  It’s crazy to me how I found something that I loved and want to spend the rest of my life doing. I’m just a dreamer hoping that this dream pays off.

Some of my popular posts

The Family

Daniel Sharman on the Originals


Bad News for Covert Affairs Fans

Women’s History Month: Mariska Hargitay

Fun Facts

  1. I am really into Natural Beauty and Self Confidence
  2. Naps are life
  3. I like pineapples and bacon on my pizza
  4. Favorite Shows: Binge- Gilmore Girls, Current – Jane the Virgin
  5. One day I hope to produce my very own show



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